Written Testimonials

Transworld Business Advisors is a Proven Business.

Transworld Franchisee Testimonials

Transworld is a unique investment opportunity. We give our franchisees the opportunity to benefit from our worldwide connections and resources that make buying and selling businesses streamlined.

There are a variety of benefits of going into the business brokerage industry, including low startup costs, resilience in times of recession, inexpensive overhead, high quality of life, and more. Many franchise owners have found success with our brand and shared their experience here with testimonials:

 “I decided that I wanted to purchase a business brokerage franchise in early 2015. I researched a number available in Australia but wasn’t entirely happy with various models. I came across Transworld and it felt like a good fit. I bought the Transworld Brisbane CBD franchise in July 2015 and went to USA for training. The training was very good.

Eight months on, I am very pleased I chose Transworld. I have already settled a number of sales and my business is growing strongly and I have purchased a 2nd Transworld franchise.”

– Don Gunther, Brisbane CBD, QLD

“Transworld is a major brand with proven processes, successful, as well as a part of United Franchise Group, which was in the business world for 30 years. It is supported by industry leaders. This is not a startup. It is a very major and proven processes franchise.”

-Rupesh B

“Being a Transworld franchisee has worked out great for me. It’s a wonderful business model; we’ve had two or three very successful years over the last three years. Last year was particularly very successful for us, we closed fifteen transactions. I like it because our world is different every day. Every business we deal with is different, every transaction is different, it’s always a challenge – and I like that.”

–Karen C

“I spent four years looking for different franchises, looking to acquire different businesses and that was after a 30-year corporate career in the oil and gas industry. I was very particular about the kind of franchise that I selected and Transworld leadership was something that impressed me, their business model impressed me, and all the stars aligned with Transworld. It worked; it was a good fit for me.”

-Gerry B