What is Transworld?

Transworld Business Advisors is a Proven Business.

Our Unique Business Model


Transworld’s unique business model has made us a world leader in the commercial brokerage business. This business model is the secret to our success; it is the reason our company became #1 in our industry and why a Transworld business advisor is regarded as a trusted source in the business brokerage community.

What makes our model so great? Let us count the ways:

  1. As a business advisor, you can work from anywhere you want – that means behind a desk or on the beach
  2. We have great incentives from referrals that pad your bottom line
  3. There is a lot of potential for high profits from clients and referrals alike
  4. Our brand is dedicated to supporting you throughout the lifespan of your business

Our business model combines three money-making industries into one business, so that our franchisees could maximise their potential earning. These three industries – franchise consulting, franchise development, and business brokerage – overlap to create synergy that helps you as a business owner.

Franchise Consulting 

Transworld represents almost 300 franchise concepts across a wide variety of industries and every investment level. This allows you to work closely with clients who are looking for the perfect franchise fit, and find them an investment based on their background, interest, and investment ability.

Matching up clients with the franchise that best fits their needs and goals is rewarding work made easier by our connections. Even better, if you succeed in finding a match, you will earn a referral fee from the franchisor, ranging from $10k to $25k, with an average referral fee of $15k.

Franchise Development:

Helping an existing business improve their system to sell more franchises is the core of franchise development. Your job as business advisor is to help them hone their concept and systems to create a system that franchisees want to invest in.

Your referral fees for franchise development come when you are able to successfully match someone to our franchise development department. When you bring a good match to us, you collect a fee of $20k. Talk about worthy incentives.

Business Brokerage:

Business brokerage is a tricky industry, and it is unfortunate that many people have poor experiences with business brokers. Here are a few problems that are common in the business brokerage field:

  • Brokers who are more sale-oriented than customer-oriented
  • Brokers who look for listings so that they can burn through buyers until they find someone who will purchase their listing, whether or not it is a good fit
  • Brokers who do not care to build relationships with clients or educate buyers and sellers through the process

At Transworld, we strive to avoid these foibles to keep our people – franchisees, clients, and buyers alike – as the top priority. Building client relationships is something we value, and it is that attention to our people that has helped us grow to the largest privately held business brokerage in America.

We are proud to:

  • Teach clients how to prepare their business for sale
  • Teach sellers what to do when they sell their business
  • Help sellers know the value of their business and what it is worth
  • Teach franchise owners how to confidentially market their clients’ businesses

The last point is key. Confidentiality is crucial in a business sale, because employees, customers, and vendors can lose faith in a business if they know it is changing ownership. To keep the business successful and the transition smooth, confidentiality is key.

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Learn how to maintain confidentiality in a buying and selling franchise business.