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Business Brokers Commonly Asked Questions

Business brokerage and franchising are two complex fields that have a lot of moving pieces, so when you start thinking about investing in a Transworld franchise a lot of questions come to mind. We have put together this list of business brokers commonly asked questions to try and remove some of the complexity and inform you about our brand and industry.

Why should I invest in a franchise instead of starting a business brokerage company on my own?

Franchising gives investors a leg up as they go into business for themselves. It is important to note that franchise owners are business owners first and foremost, and that as a Transworld franchisee you will have the freedom and flexibility that only comes from working for yourself. The difference is you have a turnkey business model, complete with a built-in support network and an industry-leading training program, not to mention our connections with businesses all over the world.

From top to bottom, the Transworld franchise opportunity is designed to help you succeed.

What makes the Transworld franchise opportunity special?

When you become a Transworld owner, you will have access to our proprietary software that lets you confidentially list businesses, use other listings from the network, and help your clients buy and sell businesses. This software is at the core of what our franchisees do, and it streamlines your job.

In addition, we have teams of experts in franchise development who assist you with any franchise work you are doing with your clients. Your success is our success, so we are here to help you with every facet of your business.

How do I know which franchise I should invest in?

If you have done any research in franchising, you will certainly come across the many lists and rankings of the best franchise opportunities. There are several publications that study franchise opportunities worldwide to find the best opportunities based on factors like stability, startup costs, growth, financial strength, and more.

The Transworld franchise opportunity has been rated the top business brokerage franchise on Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500, which is widely regarded as the authority on franchise opportunities.

How much will it cost to open a Transworld franchise?

Even though the potential for profit is so high, the Transworld investment is much lower than many other franchises that require costly buildings, lots of employees, and expensive inventory. You can expect to invest approximately $70,000 to get your business up and running smoothly. This estimate includes our $49,500 initial franchise fee.

Do I have to have business brokerage or franchising experience to get started?

Business brokers in Australia are required to have licenses, so depending on your state’s licensing procedure it may be necessary to attend training classes and meet other requirements. Other than that, all your training is included in your investment, so you will be able to learn from the industry experts how to run a business brokerage franchise.

We like our franchise owners to have some business or real estate experience, simply because it prepares them for some of the things we do at Transworld.

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