Business Brokers Training and Support

Transworld Business Advisors is a Proven Business.

Proper Training and Support Sets You Up for Success

The business brokerage field can be highly complex. Without training and support, you may be left guessing, which is not the best thing for your clients. Investing in a Transworld franchise gets you the business brokers training and support that sets you up for success.

At Transworld, we know that our brand cannot succeed if your franchisees do not succeed, so we place a heavy emphasis on training and supporting you through the life of your business. We want you to have an in-depth understanding of the industry and your business so that you can handle business transactions with confidence.

Every state in Australia requires that business brokers have proper licensing. But unlike other brokers, you will have additional training from international experts to complement your license and give you greater knowledge of the industry.

Initial Training

The first step in our business brokers training and support is your initial training. We lead the industry with our new franchisee training program, which covers all topics relating to our brand and the business brokerage industry.

Your training starts with a week-long course at United Franchise Group’s global headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida, United States. During this week, you and other new franchisees will learn about franchise consulting, business brokerage, and franchise development, as well as which franchise concepts we work with and a how to match potential investors to a concept.

During this training you will also learn how to work with buyers and sellers and how to ensure that everyone involved is getting the best possible deal. On top of it all you will learn the basics of the business transaction process and helping business owners expand through franchising.

Business Brokerage/Real Estate Licensing

As we already mentioned, every state in Australia requires that business brokers have either a business brokerage or real estate license in order to operate. Though each states regulations on this vary slightly, it is a necessity before you open for business.

The good news is we know about this requirement and include all licensing and training fees in our estimated total startup costs. It is this attention to detail that makes our business brokers training and support so thorough.

Start-Up Support

After your initial training and licensing, our corporate support representatives will come to your territory to work with you for a few days. This is an incredibly useful time when you will learn firsthand from our experienced team member as they assist you in finding sellers, buyers, and getting listers.

This mentor relationship helps you learn the ropes in the beginning and is a great resource later on when you need help, ideas, or guidance. Learning from a mentor will help you feel more comfortable and confident from the very beginning.

Ongoing Support

For the life of your business, we will put you and your fellow franchisees as our top priority. With ongoing support and training, including updates on our brand and our industry. The nature of our proprietary software is that it is highly interactive, which makes it easy for you to stay up to date on the goings on in the industry as well as the latest listings in your area.

On top of everything else, whenever you have a question or concern you have our huge network of people to reach out to.

Take advantage of the outstanding business brokers training and support that we offer by getting started with your franchise. Fill out the form to move to the next steps.