Take your future to the next level with Transworld

A Business Brokerage For More Than 30 years. Proven Model. Repeat Business.Transworld is ready for you! Become a Franchise Broker Now!

Your Future With Transworld

Your Future With Transworld

Take your future to the next level with Transworld

In today’s economy, there are more people looking to buy and sell businesses than ever before. They need the assistance of a business broker to locate and vet potential buyers. That’s where Transworld comes in.

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Take your future to the next level with Transworld

Take your future to the next level with Transworld

A Business Brokerage For More Than 30 years. Proven Model. Repeat Business. Transworld is ready for you! Become a Franchise Broker Now!


At Transworld Business Advisors, we have a unique business model that helps position us as a world leader in the commercial brokerage business industry. Our successful business model has allowed us to soar to new heights, propelling our company to be ranked #1 in the business brokerage industry on the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 listing.

Here are a few reasons that makes our business model so great:

  • You can work from anywhere you want and not necessarily behind a desk all day
  • Incentives from referrals
  • Potential for high profits due to both clients and referrals
  • Ongoing franchisor support throughout the entire business’s lifespan

A Transworld Business Advisors franchise combines three successful industries and profit centers into the same business model – franchise consulting services, franchise development, and business brokerage. Although these are three separate industries, there is significant overlap and synergy between each.

Franchise Consulting

The first profit center is franchise consulting. We represent more than 300 different franchise concepts from various industries at various investment levels. This means you’ll get to work with clients looking to buy a franchise based on their:

  • Backgrounds
  • Interests
  • Investment levels

You’ll help match them up with a franchise concept that best fits their criteria. If the match proves to be successful, a referral fee of $10,000 to $20,000 could be paid out.

Franchise Development

The second profit center is franchise development. These potential clients are not necessarily looking to buy or sell their business; they likely have a concept or actual business that they would like to grow through franchising.

As with franchise consulting, franchise development incorporates incentives. Successful matches could result in referral fees of about $20,000.

Business Brokerage

At Transworld Business Advisors, we consider people the number one priority over any deal. Creating lasting relationships with your clients is incredibly important to the success of your business. In many cases, though, you’ll find clients who have had less than favorable experiences with brokers in the past. You may hear feedback like:

  • Brokers don’t care about the customer as much as the deal
  • Brokers don’t assist in educating buyers and sellers
  • Brokers only care about listings and will “burn through” buyers

At Transworld, we consider people the number one priority over getting the deal done. Creating relationships with clients is incredibly important to us and it’s one of the reasons we grew to the largest privately held business brokerage in America.

A few things Transworld Business Advisors franchisees pride themselves on are:

  • Teaching clients how to prepare their business for a sale
  • Teaching sellers about the sales process
  • Helping both buyers and sellers know the value of a business
  • Teaching sellers how to confidentially market the sale of their business

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Actively looking to grow in the following territories:

  • ACT
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  • Northern Territory
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  • Western Australia
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  • Victoria

Transworld is part of the United Franchise Group

Transworld is part of the United Franchise Group

  • Listing a business for sale
  • Providing business valuations
  • Identifying and qualifying buyers
  • Marketing a business
  • Arranging financing
  • Managing due diligence
  • Coordinating closing
  • Guiding buyers and sellers
  • B2B - Strong customer base in any economic condition
  • Most established brand in the industry
  • And much more!
"Transworld is a Proven Business."
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