Our Story

Transworld Business Advisors is a Proven Business.

In 1979, Fort Lauderdale, Florida’s newest small business was growing rapidly. Andrew Cagnetta, Transworld’s founder, saw that his business was growing rapidly so he decided to go from an independent company to a franchise to grow his concept even faster. Fast forward to the present, and Transworld is the world’s largest business brokers franchise.

Meeting a Growing Need

Buying, selling, and franchising are constants in the business world. Cultural and economic changes have resulted in even higher rates of business sales, purchases, and franchise successes as many professionals are no longer content with traditional work options. More people than ever are looking to purchase businesses that have already proven to be successful, and the baby boomer generation is retiring in droves, selling their businesses as they settle into retirement.

With all this change, Transworld is here to meet the demand. Our franchise owners are in a uniquely advantageous position to help business owners, buyers, and sellers while taking charge of their own careers at the same time.

Growing Franchise Demand

The franchise industry is booming as so many businesses are getting into this quick, cost-effective growth strategy. Additionally, investing in a franchise is a great way for individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit to work for themselves without starting from scratch. The Transworld business brokers franchise helps business owners successfully navigate the world of franchising their businesses and find qualified franchisee candidates.

Business Owners Sell with Confidence

Business brokerage is a tricky industry because business owners want to keep a sale under wraps so that customers and employees don’t know that a sale is happening until it is complete. This keeps the business running smoothly throughout the transaction.

One of the major focuses of the Transworld franchise model is helping our clients sell their businesses confidentially. We work carefully to meet the needs of our clients while we find a buyer whose interests are in alignment with those needs. We sell businesses without ever putting a “for sale” sign out so the business can operate without interruption. Not only is this good for the seller, but it allows the buyer to assume ownership with a seamless transition.

Transworld’s Future

The future of our business brokers franchise is now. We are growing with international franchise opportunities in territories all over the world. Our network of business contact and franchises is vast, giving you innumerable opportunities to bring in revenue. We are excited about the future of our brand, especially the available territories in Australia.

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