Isn’t it exciting, wanting to fulfil your entrepreneurial dream? But in deciding to take the proverbial bull by the horns and take the first step forward you are faced with an innumerable number of decisions and questions to be a business broker.

One such obstacle revolves around a business licence – what are the requirements and how do you meet them? At Transworld Business Advisors (TBA) we provide comprehensive training in how to be the best business broker you can be, including meeting Australia’s business broker license requirements.

To Be a Business Broker, Know Your Options

There are two ways to go about becoming a business broker: going it alone and setting up independently or joining an established reputable business brokering franchise such as Transworld Business Advisors. Our franchisees have the support of a large network and are offered tried and tested systems and processes. For more questions and answers on franchise opportunities with TBA look at our FAQ page.

Skip the Common Pitfalls of Starting a Business with TBA

Transworld Business Advisors offers aspiring franchisees a unique business model that has fast tracked us to becoming a world leader in commercial brokerage business. What makes us a highly favoured option is the unmatched support and training we provide our franchisees with.

Our initial intensive training programme is geared towards ensuring you have everything you need to start a successful franchise, and that’s “successful” from day one. Our training programme also meets with all the requirement needs for obtaining an Australian business broker license.

Need further proof why Transworld Franchise makes better business sense? Consider these advantages:

  • We offer the most affordable upfront investment.
  • We offer a simple and straightforward application process.
  • We have integrated three highly successful industries and income streams into one business model. For more information on how this works, detailed information can be found here.

Interested in joining the very rewarding world of owning your own business? Then contact us at Transworld Business Advisors on the best way to get started. It is our job to ensure you have all you need to know in order to put your best foot forward.