Congratulations on your decision to join the challenging, but rewarding field of business brokerage. Now that you’ve made your decision, you must be wondering how and where you can start your journey as a business broker, or how to go about it.

Choose Transworld

Before you begin, you should consider joining the Transworld family as a business broker franchisee. If you’re wondering why you should join us, instead of starting your own firm, you should realise that there are various benefits to joining a franchise:

  • You get access to continuous, world-class franchisor support throughout your time as a franchisee
  • You get incentives from referrals
  • Your potential for increased profits can be much higher, due to client and referral access.

Due to the way that Transworld has combined three successful industries with their own income streams, namely franchise development, franchise consulting, and business brokerage, franchise owners benefit from a dynamic synergy that puts them into contact with opportunities they might never have had as a private broker.

Getting Started with Transworld

We believe in making our start-up process as quick and efficient as possible. Once you have invested in the franchise, you will receive training that will have you ready to take on the field with confidence. Here’s a quick rundown on the fees you can expect to pay when joining us:

  • Upfront

To become one of our franchisees, you will need to provide an upfront investment of $73,500+ GST, which will cover all the material you will need to start your business, and give you access to our international and local support services.

  • Setup

You will not need to pay any franchise setup fees when you join us. To start your business brokerage venture, you will only need the tools and equipment necessary to run an office

  • Monthly Fees

You will have to contribute a minimum of $400 from your commission a month, which will help pay the license fee of the software you use every day and provide you with a website and social media platform start-up to help market your business.Your fees only increase when your own revenues increase – so we do better when YOU do better!

If you want to find out more, don’t hesitate to contact transworld business advisors today!