A Franchisor texting her clients

Aspiring entrepreneurs look at various opportunities that allow them to operate their own businesses.

Becoming a franchisee is just one of them, but some are hesitant upon the idea of franchising due to misconceptions and fears. Many franchisors have a reputation for not supporting their franchisees,leading to the incorrect idea that franchising is not a viable venture for the average entrepreneur. The truth is, when you find the right franchise opportunity, it can lead to a rewarding source of income without the hassle of starting a business from scratch.

Discover one such franchise opportunity with Transworld!

Transworld’s Years of Experience and Success

Enter Transworld Business Brokers, whose origins date back to 1979 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We attribute our many years of growth to our unique business model, and our initiative to take advantage of the opportunity to turn independent businesses into franchises.  These are just two of the factors that eventually led us to Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 list. Transworld Australia belongs to United Franchise Group, a family of brands that has managed to grow to over 1,400 franchise locations in over 73 countries. Backed by our strong parent company, Transworld franchisees are in experienced hands.

Straightforward and Cost-Effective Turnkey Experience

One reason many entrepreneurs are leery of franchising is the prospect of hidden fees. Many franchises present a low-cost business model, but could be hiding extra fees in the fine print. Franchisees end up spending more than they had planned on, but by that time it is too late to go back.

We are as transparent with our franchisees as possible about what fees they should expect to pay, making partnering with Transworld simple, straightforward, and cost-effective.Your initial investment covers keyresources you’ll need to get started, and access to our local and international support network.

Your small monthly fees go to services and assets that will help you run your business. Under this model, you could actually save money compared to what you might spend on these services in an independent business.

Comprehensive Training Programmes and Support

Another common concern for new franchisees is the lack of prior experience. While some franchisors may provide a week or so of training, they leave their franchisees hanging afterwards without any support.

Your upfront investment in Transworld includes your two-week training with us. As your satisfaction and confidence is our goal, we provide our franchisees with in-depth knowledge of the industry and the ins-and-outs of the business. After your training, our corporate support representatives will work with you to identify buyers and sellers, and to start getting you listings so you can hit the ground running!

The training and support doesn’t end there. Our franchisees receive ongoing training and support to help you adapt to industry changes and relevant developments. We also have a vast network of industry experts that can lend support and guidance.

One should do extensive research before joining a franchise. Choose a franchise brand with a record of accomplishments and years of experience. Most of all, choose a brand that values and strives for the growth of your location.

Interested in partnering Transworld? Reach out to us today to request more information about Transworld Business Advisors!