Posted on October 16th 2017

Franchise brokers are the intermediaries between a franchisee and a franchisor.  What they do is they help potential franchise owners fit their skill sets, interests and budget to a business that’s worth the investment. Once the deal is sealed, the broker then scores a commission after successfully connecting a franchise business with a new buyer. […]

Posted on October 13th 2017

Hiring a broker may seem like a luxury only big business can afford, but having a good broker is the key to maximising your business’ sale price, or obtaining a business at the best value. Brokers have years of experience buying and selling businesses, are experts at managing due diligence, and have the skills and […]

Posted on October 12th 2017

If you are interested in buying and selling businesses and want to learnthe processes of how it’s done, you may be considering becoming a business broker. A broker acts as the middleman in buying and selling a business. They are similar to a stockbroker who helps clients buy and sell company shares in the stock […]

Posted on September 15th 2017

Buying and selling a business is much more complicated than what most people expect. Almost anyone that’s looking to buy or sell a business has need of a Transworld business advisors. They will not only help the seller locate potential buyers, but also help vet and facilitate the transaction. Here are some of the main […]

Posted on August 30th 2017

Congratulations on your decision to join the challenging, but rewarding field of business brokerage. Now that you’ve made your decision, you must be wondering how and where you can start your journey as a business broker, or how to go about it. Choose Transworld Before you begin, you should consider joining the Transworld family as […]

Posted on August 20th 2017

The business brokerage field is one that is very complex, and without proper professional assistance, can be difficult to enter into. If you’ve ever considered becoming a business broker, but are unsure how to enter into this lucrative but challenging business field, we can help you become a franchise consultant in one month! The Transworld […]