What do most Australian franchisees have in common? Whether they’re leading major companies or operating small shops, they all have to get to work the same way. Commuting is the great equaliser and most Australians working in areas like Melbourne and Brisbane are forced to deal with traffic or public transport overcrowding and delays.

Research also shows that the demand for city centre office space is set to increase with local and Asia-Pacific investors creating a rise in rental costs for the average franchise owner. The question is: what’s out there for someone who wants to leave the corporate world behind for the freedom of running their own successful Australian home business without the risk of becoming a fully-fledged entrepreneur? The answer: franchising.

At Transworld, we recognise that people who pursue franchising aren’t just doing it for the challenge of running their own business for a profit. Many want to enjoy a level of freedom that comes with being in charge and a change in lifestyle from the 9-5, clock-in and clock-out drill. For many this involves a franchising opportunity that gives them the freedom to set their own hours and work where and when they feel like it. You’ve been looking to work as a Transworld franchisee.

Unlike the majority of franchising opportunities available to Australians, Transworld involves no initial investment in equipment and requires no fixed workspace. Most of what is required to operate the franchise is a simple software that we’ll help install (and support you with) on any laptop and that can be used anytime, anywhere. This means that the average franchisee saves on the costs that accompany renting an office space (including office equipment and furniture). And as being a Transworld franchisee broker is a one person job, no additional employees are required either. That doesn’t mean that you’re all alone however. Transworld and its support network will be with you every step of the way to advise and help with all decisions.

This model gives a Transworld franchisee the freedom to work wherever they are and to visit clients at their individual locations.

One needs only ask other Transworld franchisees about the power that this setup affords them in driving their success. The time and money saved by doing away with a traditional office space and daily commute is one that helps make each franchising venture more profitable and much quicker.

If you are interested in understanding how you can start your own successful Australian home business as a Transworld franchisee, contact Transworld today and request more information from our team.