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True or false: Franchise consultants help buy and sell franchises

Answer: False! Unlike a franchise broker, a franchise consultant doesn’t deal in buying and selling. Rather, a franchise consultant offers advice to franchisors, people looking to turn their businesses into franchises, and potential franchisees alike. They’re able to sit down with these parties, analyze the situation, and offer advice. The world of franchising can be confusing, and involves complex legal documents, multiple parties with differing interests, and more. A franchise consultant acts as a trusted advisor to help clarify the process for all involved.

True or False: Transworld doesn’t offer franchise consulting services

Answer: False! Transworld strives to offer an array of services to independent and franchise businesses. Our business advisors are trained in franchise consulting, as well as business brokerage and franchise development. That’s why a diverse array of clients know that they can count on Transworld for all of their business needs. From the perspective of our advisors, that means they have access to a wide range of clientele and are capable of accepting a range of jobs.

True or False: Franchise Consultants work exclusively for franchisors

Answer: False! In order to be a trusted asset to new franchisees, it’s important that franchise consultants conduct themselves in a way that is open and honest to all parties. When you become a Transworld business advisor, you’ll be working for yourself, and for Transworld. As such, you can fairly and honestly advise franchisees in matters relating to the businesses they’re considering franchising with. Along the same lines, you can help franchisors better understand what they can do to improve their businesses. As a Transworld business advisor, all parties will be able to trust you to provide them with helpful and fair advice.

We hope that this guide has given you a better idea of franchise consulting, and how it fits into our business at Transworld. We are always looking for qualified new franchisees to become Transworld business advisors, and to strengthen the businesses in your community. If you think you have what it takes to jump into the exciting world of franchise consulting, reach out to us today.