If we lived in the ideal world, all franchising opportunities would be as straightforward and easy to adopt as the one offered by Transworld. In reality, many Australians have been lured in by potential franchising opportunities offering explosive growth and profits in a matter of weeks.

Months later these same individuals find themselves saddled with a business that barely breaks even, with so many hidden costs to pay that they start to regret agreeing to it in the first place. The straight-forward answer as to why Transworld is different is simple: we’re a turnkey investment.

A turnkey investment is a business that you invest in and that you receive complete with everything it needs to start working. All you would need to do is ‘turn the key’ and pronounce yourself open for business.

At Transworld we offer our franchisees this advantage from the outset. Unlike many other businesses opportunities on the market, when we say that it’s a “no inventory” and “low cost franchise to enter” we mean it. To get involved in this turnkey investment requires a single, lump sum payment with a nominal amount every month to go towards royalties, keeping technology updated and paying for your marketing.

We’re proud to have created a truly unique business model that is geared towards offering professionals with years of experience the peace of mind to make the jump between the corporate world and a new career as an entrepreneur a seamless one.

And because you aren’t selling a physical product from a physical business (you’re a broker who will mostly operate online) you don’t need any stock to start with or even a store location. As you will be spending time in meetings and with clients, this simply isn’t necessary.

Your core investment will be in your training in our systems and processes and access to our Total Online Marketing System and commercial buyer/seller database, which will give you exclusive access to privately listed businesses and franchises for sale across the country.

If you have been looking to make the jump from the corporate world to successful entrepreneur, a simple, well-thought out and already successful franchise opportunity like the one offered by Transworld is what you’ve been waiting for.

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