Starting a franchise with Transworld is a great way to get involved in business brokerage, franchising, and more. As a Transworld business advisor, you’ll be entrusted with the sensitive information of the businesses you represent. We’ll explain in more detail what information you’ll be privy to, along with what you can do to keep it secure.

What Kinds of Information Will I Learn?

In order to buy, sell, or franchise a business, you’ll learn sensitive information about the business’ performance. Figures such as inventory expenses, labor hours, profits and losses, and so forth are important for you to know as a Transworld business advisor. Having a good understanding of this information is critical in order for you to find just the right buyers for the business. As you can see,  starting a franchise with Transworld will put you in a position of trust.

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Why Does This Information Need to Be Kept Confidential?

There are several reasons why the information you’ll be entrusted with needs to be kept confidential. One key reason is that this sensitive information paints a detailed picture of a business’ operations. It could be used by competitors to gain an advantage, or misconstrued by buyers who don’t understand the context of the figures. Furthermore, business owners often prefer to sell their businesses with a good deal of discretion so as not to worry employees. These are just a few ways that harm could be done to business owners if their sensitive information is not kept confidential. In our business, it is a common practice not to divulge this information to buyers until they’ve decided they are serious about purchasing and have signed a non-disclosure agreement.

How Can Transworld Business Advisors Keep This Information Secure?

Starting a franchise with Transworld means you’re dedicated to helping the businesses in your community, in part by protecting their data. There are plenty of ways to do this. For example, be sure to use a secure email account, a password-protected server, and keep office doors locked at all times. When you work through our training programme, you’ll learn all of the tricks of the trade when it comes  to protecting your clients’ data.

Keeping data secure is an important part of starting a franchise with Transworld. Contact us today to learn more about how we protect our clients’ sensitive information.