One of the most important things about entering into a new business is the kind of people you will work for and with. This applies even when you pursue a turnkey franchising opportunity such as the one offered by Transworld Australia.

As someone looking to be your own boss and set your own hours, you might run your own business autonomously. However the main reason you are opting for a franchise is because you want to experience the promised benefits. These include hands on help with getting customers, support when necessary and training opportunities. Without these benefits, you could do it yourself as a self-starter or entrepreneur, but you would certainly struggle more than is necessary.


To understand the value that a terrific support and leadership team plays in your franchising success, you need to go behind the scenes and look at who leads Transworld, as well as how they run it.

Our core leadership team is comprised of highly experienced individuals who both have the brokerage and franchise knowledge required to guide you towards success. Since 1979, Transworld has been helping good people do good deals.

Our President, Andrew Cagnetta, has been at the forefront of our growth for more than 20 years and has expanded its reach to more than 10 countries all over the world. When you come onboardas a franchisee, you are working with the very person who started it all and you will be able to see their vision and mission in everything the business does.

Other core members of our team have similar experiences to share and most have been with us for years. In this time, they have established themselves as experts in the greater brokerage industry and many of them are sought after speakers and educators on the topic. Many leaders started exactly where you are right now – at the very beginning, and then branched off into various specialities such as franchise brand marketing strategies and programs. Our retention of talent is another way we build strong teams who can support newcomers to the business.

With a Transworld team member always a phone call or email away, you’ll never be alone on your path to success, and you have our terrific behind the scenes team to thank for that. To meet our Transworld business advisors, why not contact us today?