There are so many franchising opportunities available to Australians, and Transworld is just one of them. While many people have heard of Transworld Australia, few actually know what the business entails and what it involves. Knowing exactly what Transworld is and satiating your curiosity is the first step to becoming aware of your options so you’re better equipped to pursue them. Keep reading to learn more about what Transworld is and how it operates…

  • TRANSWORLD IS… a multi-stream business – Transworld involves earning an income through three separatestreams. The first is franchise consulting (matching potential franchisees with the best franchise for their needs), franchise development (helping successful business owners leverage their business into a franchise) and business brokerage (helping clients to sell and market their business).
  • TRANSWORLD IS…. A one-man show – unlike the majority of franchises, Transworld can be successfully run by just one person – no staff required.
  • TRANSWORLD IS…. Completely mobile – as much of the work a Transworld franchisee does occurs online or at a client’s premises, there is no need to invest in costly office space and equipment and you can pretty much run the business anywhere you have access to an internet connection.

These are some of the core characteristics of Transworld. But what about the myths around the franchise? Here’s what Transworld isn’t:

  • TRANSWORLD ISN’T… expensive: As you don’t need office space or manufacturing equipment and staff, your overhead costs will remain very low.
  • TRANWORLD ISN’T a fake scheme: Transworld business advisors help create business brokers, a service that is highly regulated both internationally and in Australia. This is why when you join us we will put you through training so that you become a fully licensed business broker or real estate license holder (depending on which state you’re in).
  • TRANSWORLD ISN’T a franchise that will leave you to your own devices. Not only do we fly you out to meet and train with us in person, but we also offer face-to-face support from fellow franchisees in your state.

Now that you know a bit more about Transworld, why not request more information about becoming a franchisee?