It is important to understand that not all franchise broker firms are the same, and each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. One of the biggest factors that puts a franchise broker firm above the rest is the promise of support systems to help you along the way. Many franchise brokers do not have outside support, but with a franchise opportunity under the right brand, you may get all the support you need and more. When deciding whether to go the franchise or small business route, there are important questions you need to ask before making the final decision. Learn more about franchising, and why Transworld’s support systems and other benefits put them above private franchise broker firms.

Franchise Broker Firms

What Is the Difference Between a Franchise and a Small Business?

Depending on the franchise, there are some similarities to independently-owned businesses, but the contrasts make a huge difference when it comes to success and profitability. Transworld franchisees get to be their own boss in terms of day to day operations much like a small business, but franchise broker firms do not have a brand behind them that clients know and trust. This makes a huge difference and can potentially put a franchisee above the competition since they are operating under a brand name that is well-established and recognisable.

What Do I Get With a Transworld Franchise?

There are many benefits to choosing a partner with Transworld over just another franchise broker firm. A franchise comes with brand recognition and an established business model, well-researched territories and, in some cases, freedom in terms of office space. Transworld franchisees get all these benefits and more when they invest in a franchise. Transworld wants to help our investors by giving them all the information at our disposal to help them achieve their goal. By utilizing the researched territories, franchisees are more poised for success because they are in a location with the right demographic and population to give them a potential advantage over the competition.

In addition to the territories, Transworld also has flexibility in terms of office space. To be a franchise broker, you do not need a storefront or a vast amount of products or supplies. All you need is a place to bring your clients for meetings and the knowledge you obtain through training and licensing. Transworld provides training to all franchisees prior to them beginning their franchise journey to assure that they have all the information they need to run their franchise at the location they choose.

What Puts Transworld Above Franchise Broker Firms?

Transworld franchises receive all these benefits when they open up a franchise, but something that really puts Transworld above just opening a franchise broker firm is the ongoing support that all franchisees have access to. The ongoing support is a big differentiator between a small business and a franchise because when someone owns a business on their own, there are no experts behind them to help with any issues that may arise. No matter how seasoned someone is in an industry, it is impossible for one person to know the ins and outs and how to solve every problem. This is why the support system behind Transworld franchises contributes so much to their success. Franchisees can use the brand to bring clients in, and with the ongoing support they receive, they know what it takes to keep their clients happy.

When there is someone behind you that has been helping businesses and franchises for years prior, it helps increase your likelihood of success. With a franchise, you have several benefits that do not come with other franchise broker firms, and the results may prove to not be in your favor. Transworld has many resources available to help franchisees and give support through multiple channels including personal contact and online downloadables to help franchisees and potential franchisees find the support and the solutions they need to help them succeed.

For more information about the benefits of choosing Transworld over other franchise broker firms, download this free guide