$1B+ in Listings

Transworld Business Advisors is a Proven Business.

Transworld Has Over $1B in Businesses Listed Worldwide

When you invest in a Transworld franchise, you are joining the lucrative and thriving business broking industry. This industry is poised to continue to flourish as baby boomers sell their businesses to retire and the younger generation grows into more entrepreneurial opportunities. As a Transworld franchisee, you can capitalise on this prosperous industry to build a strong business for yourself.

Business Broking Industry Customers

Any business looking to buy or sell benefits from the help and advice of a trained business broker. Making a sale confidentially is essential, as it protects the business as well as the new buyer, which is why the business broking industry is so vast. Discretion is key, and it is something buyers and sellers often are unable to pull off themselves.

Growing Franchise Industry

It’s not just buying and selling that makes business brokerage so profitable; franchise consulting is a big part of the Transworld model because it is a key profit center in the industry. In 2014, the Franchise Council of Australia reported that franchise industry sales turnover accounted for $144 billion. That is a massive industry, and Transworld franchisees can take advantage of that by using our resources and connections with over 300 franchise companies.

What’s more, franchising alone is a dominating economic force. Every industry that starts franchising sees growth in revenue and jobs. In fact, franchises create jobs at a faster pace than the rest of the industry, so this is a business growth model

Keep Costs Down

An attractive quality about the business broking industry from an investor’s point of view is the low business costs in this business. Even as the industry is growing and profits are sky high, the costs are low because business brokers do not need to spend a lot of money on expensive overhead. The barrier to entry in this industry is exceptionally low, with no overhead expenses or need to hire employees.

When you become a Transworld franchisee, you can expect to pay a small percentage of your sales in royalties, little on rent, and a monthly fee for marketing and technology that fuel your business. When compared with other franchise opportunities that require expensive storefronts and large piles of inventory, you can see that Transworld is a lower-cost option even though the profits are so much more significant.

With Transworld’s $1 billion in business listings, along with our outstanding training that sets you up to succeed, your franchise is on the track to greatness right away.

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